About us

SEMA US, is a U.S non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable, healthcare organization, which aim to provide high quality healthcare and medical education for people in need worldwide.


  • Gold Seal of Transparency accredited by GuideStar, which is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.


Provide high quality healthcare and medical education for people in need worldwide.


  • To provide medical assistance and general medical care wherever possible for the patients in areas affected by disasters as well as under-served places.
  • to undertake relief and development programs through the provision of services including, but not limited to, the provisions of hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, medications, and equipment for needy areas.
  • To respond to the need of refugees or displaced people in the United States or elsewhere in the world.
  • To provide advisors, experts, and administrators to supervise or assist in relief and development programs in areas of need.
  • To promote, develop, and carry out medical education and training programs, as well as arrange and provide exhibitions, lectures, meetings, seminars, research, displays, or classes in needy areas.
  • Collaborate with other NGOs (non-government organizations) that have the same mission inside or outside the United States.


SEMA US is a member of SEMA International, which is a federation between SEMA TurkeySEMA FranceSEMA Italy and SEMA US


All SEMA organizations participate in a board of directors of SEMA International. The organizations of the federation are managed by shared bylaws and regulations, and interchange resources to conduct projects together.

Learn About Our Key Ideas

The Issues We Fight for

Prosthesis (artificial limbs)

More than 5,000 amputees were rehabilitated since the launch of these project.


Academy of Health Sciences

Academy of Health Sciences is an academic, not-for-profit, institution of medical education established in 2011 in Syria with the charter granted by the Council of Higher Education.



HealthySyriaTB is a program that has been initially designed and developed in 2016, to cover the basic needs of the field medical centers in Syria.

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