May 29, 2020

Unbounded Compassion: Inside SEMA’s COVID-19 Response

SEMA medical teams have joined the fight against COVID-19 as the new coronavirus disease spreads to more than 200 countries.

It’s been incredible to see people working around the clock, trying to adapt, trying to learn, trying to collaborate to save as many lives as possible, all while working in the face of so much death.

Healthy Staff

A part of our job is providing support to the medical staff inside the hospitals. We’re doing everything we can to keep the doctors and nurses healthy because if they fall ill, there will be nobody to treat patients.

Proper Disinfection

We have a lot of experience with infection prevention and control from the epidemics we face across the world, so we’re helping to create pathways and processes within the hospitals to ensure that staff are protected from infection and that people who aren’t infected don’t become infected. 

SEMA Education

We’re all on a steep learning curve with this disease. We have different medical experts working side by side, and learning from the hospital doctors who were involved in the response from the beginning. The doctors and nurses here have been trained, they are at the forefront of the pandemic and have developed a clinical capacity that is extremely valuable.

Limitless Work

We opened 2 new hospitals specifically for COVID-19 patients With 100 admission beds and 20 ICU beds .

Outside the hospitals, we’re doing outreach work within the population, working with social workers, general practitioners and family doctors to help treat people in their homes and in facilities for the elderly.

As all hospitals are reaching their capacity, there is no choice but to treat some patients with less severe symptoms at home. 

Making Impact

In a crisis like this where needs are overwhelming, impactful choices have to be made. We at SEMA  know this very well from the critical situations we face around the world. 

We will continue to provide support here for as long as we’re needed. We are also preparing to intervene in other refugee camps and regions, including those where the epidemic is just starting and where prevention measures can have a big impact.

Syrian refugees are just some of the communities we cannot afford to let down. For them, COVID-19 is yet another assault on their survival. We hope this pandemic not only teaches us to wash our hands but makes us stand together to help establish accessible and better-equipped healthcare for all. 

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