Criteria for eligibility:
    1. Physician, dentist, pharmacist, or someone who work in the medical field (e.g., biomedical engineering and information technology), as well as under medical training (i.e., fellow, resident, and students) if:
        • Currently a legal resident in the U.S, whether a citizen, green card holder, or on a valid visa
        • A U.S citizen or green card holder; even if not currently residing in the U.S
      • Canadian citizens are also eligible as above¬†
  1. Non-US or non-Canadian who are not a citizen or a resident, only if s/he has American or Canadian medical or dental board
Member advantages:
    • Able to participate in education, research and mission trips
    • Discount for educational materials (e.g., lectures, and workshops)
    • Discount for SEMA annual conference registration
    • Get information about SEMA activities
    • Being part of a big health professional family that share similar values
  • If eligible, will be able to become a candidate for the board of directors, as well as vote for nominees ¬†
    • Attending physician (in medicine or dentistry) = $150 per year
  • Others, not attending physicians, for example non-physicians and physicians under training (students, residents and fellows) = $50 per year,
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