Prosthetic Limbs

The Syrian war and the prolonged violent conflict that has lasted for more than 8 years has caused an increase in the number of civilians who have injured and missing limbs, and according to the United Nations, 2.8 million Syrians suffer from permanent disabilities due to injuries from the war. They endure hardship after to hardship with their families. The economic and psychological difficulties of living with an injured or missing limb adds further barriers to an already difficult environment, especially in the northern Syria , which daily endures the bombing and systematic targeting of infrastructure, hospitals and densely populated areas.

The Syrian Expatriate Medical Association has been, in cooperation with The Syrian National Project for Artificial Limbs, restoring accessibility and hope to more than 7000 cases of amputation, through specialized projects inside Syria, Turkey, and Jordan. Each patient is provided the necessary limb and physical therapy to help strengthen and regain mobility free of charge.


Have a look at this infographic that summarizes 7 years of NSPPL success.


Success Stories:

A Prosthetic limb returns hope to young Abdul Mawla:

“Abdul Mawla” is a young man in the spring of life, his life turned into a nightmare, because he lost one of his limbs due to the conflict in Syria. He did not give in to his fate, and because of prosthetic limb installed to him by the support of SEMA provided to one of the centers of Syrian National Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) in Syria, he turned into a given person providing assistance to people who lost their limbs.

Prosthetic limb returned smile to a child “Omar”:

SEMA has returned the smile to Omar’s face, after he was subjected to amputation of his right leg and the loss of his younger brother, and what happened to his mother and sister who did not exceed 13 years of deformation, as a result of their house being bombed in 2018, after arriving in Idlib countryside, and transporting him with all his family to Turkey to pursue a long journey of treatment.

Today, Omar ends this journey, which lasted for nearly a year, in which he accompanied him by “SEMA” step by step, during which he underwent medical sessions and training on the use of the new prosthetic limb, to acclimatise with it as a part of his body, and achieve his dream of walking and playing.

SEMA & Syrian National Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) was able to restore hope to Abdullah and spread his smile on his face, after installing an prosthetic limb and training him to use and walk in it, he became very happy to practice his life without “crutches”




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