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HealthySyriaTB  is a program that has been initially designed and developed in 2016, to cover the basic needs of the field medical centers in Syria.

The program is envisioned to be a skeleton for healthcare quality and strategies development, to provide standardized and accurate healthcare reports, research databases, and to serve as the foundation for a future national program for medical care and databases. To facilitate implementing the program we planned to develop it in multiple versions.

Publications using HealthySyria program

Visit the program website:

Help us to increase our coverage to more medical centers and continue in developing the program by your generous donation. Our expenses include data entry personnel ($400 per month), computers ($700 per computer and required software), software developer, maintenance, server, website and so on.



Program objectives

Our “Ultimate Goal” is to improve care for patients as well as:

  1. Provide accurate and reliable mortality records
  2. Provide valid and accurate epidemiological data that could help to guide international and national healthcare efforts
  3. Provide accurate monthly reports on the current status of healthcare in Syria
  4. Improve the distribution process of resources (financial, logistic, and main power) to the centers
  5. Guide educational efforts and resources toward areas of deficiency
  6. Provide a sound base for tele-medicine systems (tele-ICU and e-consultation)
  7. Provide a database for the Healthy-Syria research project, which aims to publish annual reports and studies about Syrian health


  1. Bilingual (in Arabic and English)
  2. Compatible with Windows-based systems
  3. Works offline; data can be synchronized to the server is internet is available
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. The program provides “medical assistance” services to healthcare teams
  6. The program assigns each patient a unique medical record number (MRN), which facilitates patients’ follow-up and medical care, and provide a base for accurate epidemiological data
  7. Easy to generate reports at any time and in different formats (tables and graphs) and to export to Excel
  8. Uses the ICD-10 version coding system
  9. Primary care and mortality data are compatible with the standards of Institution for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
  10. Although it is customized to address the basic needs of the Syrian medical field centers, it continues to evolve based on needs and resources, and it is envisioned to work for other nations with similar resources
  11. A series of training videos and dedicated help email ([email protected] ) for troubleshooting are available
  12. A training and demo account is available

For an overview presentation, please watch this video:

Introduction to HealthySyria – English – version 2 from Healthy Syria on Vimeo.


The available version will also be provided to members as a package that works offline and will be accompanied by a series of explanatory videos that are available on the program channel at:

For more information about the program or if you are interested in using the program, please contact us at [email protected]


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