Bab Al-Hajar PHC


The Bab Al-Hajar Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) was founded in 2019 as a response to a need assessment conducted in Northern Aleppo. After a wave of refugees came to the Bab Alhajar area, it became one of the most essential communities to reach with health services. Right in the middle of seven underserved communities, the PHC reaches a total population of 12,000, who were identified by the health directorate of Syria and Turkey as a gap in primary healthcare services in Northern Syria.

The PHC operates as a simple facility, providing basic services such as general consultations, reproductive healthcare, family planning, community health services, nutrition services, and free medications which fully cover 60% of the needs in the community. If the PHC is not able to properly care for a patient, they are also able to refer them to the nearest higher level of care, which is 14km away.

Additionally, the project aims to serve the most vulnerable populations in the community. Their ten staff members are prepared to provide high-quality care to local women and children, as well as elderly patients.


Contribute to the improvement of the health situation in the Syrian interior.


  • Provide access for the most vulnerable people in Northern Syria to quality primary healthcare services.
  • Enhance the referral mechanism among healthcare facilities in Northern Syria.

Budget and Capacity

The PHC has a monthly cost of approximately $6,000, which goes to support ten staff members and operational costs.

 Help us:

Your generous donation will help us to continue achieving our goal and outcomes for this project. You could help fund a salary for a midwife, at only $500 per month, or a nurse at $350 per month, or pay for all operational costs for the PHC at only $565 per month. Your donation to the Bab Al-Hajar PHC of whatever amount you feel called to give will support livelihoods and healthcare for underserved communities and allow us to continue our work in Northern Syria for months to come.




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