July 30, 2020

Hope in Hard Places: Offering Prayers for Syria

More than 6.2 million people are now internally displaced within Syria, and more than 5.6 million have fled to neighboring countries as refugees. Syrians desperately hope for peace. Their children shouldn’t have to grow up in a war zone or as refugees. Offer a prayer for Syria, whose people are enduring their 10th year of civil war and displacement.

Pray for life-saving assistance and newfound hope for Syrian refugees.

Syrian families have been uprooted from their homes by the fighting, displaced in their own country, or fleeing to neighboring countries for safety.

Many Syrians lived comfortable, middle-class lives before they left. But when families flee in the middle of bombings and other violence, they don’t have the luxury of taking all their possessions. They arrive at refugee camps lacking clothes, shoes, food, water, toiletries, blankets, and even their government-issued identification papers, which makes it even more challenging to get assistance. They have nothing to help them survive.

Pray for children’s protection.

Syrian children face many safety and wellness issues. They’re especially susceptible to malnutrition, dehydration, and diarrheal diseases. Because of the Syrian health system’s deterioration, many have not been immunized or kept current on vaccinations, and outbreaks of measles and polio have occurred both in Syria and in refugee camps. Due to the nature of living in chaotic, overcrowded, and unfamiliar situations, children also are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Many children also must work, which leaves them open to other dangers. Without income, parents may marry their daughters off as young as 13.

Pray for education for the children of Syria.

Many refugee families can’t afford rent, let alone school fees, uniforms, and books. If lucky enough to attend school, child refugees often find it difficult to enroll and participate in classes not in their native language. Meanwhile, millions of children in Syria can’t attend class because schools are in ruins, teachers are missing or deceased, and security is a concern. The education of an entire generation of Syrians is at risk.

Pray that people worldwide will respond to this humanitarian crisis.

Now on its 10th year, the Syrian war and the chaos it has bred have become background noise to many people — even those who consider themselves compassionate. The consequences of the conflict keep many caring individuals at a comfortable distance. But there is an urgent need for donors to allocate funds to meet this humanitarian emergency, for people to raise a cry of prayer and support for people in desperate circumstances, and for all of us to find a way to engage meaningfully for the sake of Syrian children and their families.

We have no idea how hard it is for them to be living in tents yet refuse to give in to despair. What gives them hope is seeing people from all over the world caring enough to help.

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