Month: March 2020

March 19, 2020

SEMA started a project for safe emergency neonatal transportation

SEMA in collaboration with the WHO and Idlib health directorate just started a new and novel program for safe emergency neonatal transportation. We observed many cases of neonatal death and complications during emergency transportation. After conducting a root cause analysis we determined some defects in the ongoing healthcare system. We determined factors related to the lake of education, skills and neonatal equipment.

Therefore, we built up this comprehensive program “SENT”, which aim to:
1. Prepare ambulances equipped with specialized neonatal ventilator, bags, incubator, and other resuscitation equipment,
2. Offer a 3-month course of lectures and hands-on workshops for a group of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team.

We are starting this project as a pilot, and we will be collecting data to test the outcomes and impact. This data will be used for further developing the program and future publications.

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